Tuesday, June 17, 2008

david hasselhoff's knight rider whip for sale

KITT, David Hasselhoff's talking 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am whip in "Knight Rider" is for sale on ebay right now. The going bid is 42gs.

And no, the Hoff isn't selling KITT to pay his bills or finance his skanky drinking habits. the car is part of a murdered Greenwich business man's estate sale. Andrew Kissel was stabbed five or six times in the back just days before he was to serve a 10+ year sentence for forging documents to obtain more than $16 million in loans. Police arrested Andrew Kissel's driver & driver's cousin soon after the murder.

Andrew Kissel's brother, Robert, was also murdered in 2003. His wife, Nancy, poisoned his milkshake while in Hong Kong.

via Chicago Tribune

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Jim said...

Too bad the Hoff have to leave KITT behind. I think he has to support his flashy new rockstar life on AGT. Check him out with his bomb sunglasses.

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