Sunday, April 11, 2010

the most regal nose in hollywood

shot by then-boyfriend photog bob richardson who was 23 years her senior:

with jack nicholson at the 1976 academy awards. they dated on and off from 1973-1990. anjelica is the third huston to receive an academy award after her father, director john huston, and her grandfather, actor walter huston:

with a piece of calder jewelery:

  another bob richardson photo. sidenote: i don't trust people who don't like horses:

in crimes and misdemeanors in 1989:

in vogue 1972:
Anjelica Huston 1972


Anonymous said...

looks like gaga.


andrew wetzel said...

love her..

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful indeed.

Alejandra Ramos said...

I absolutely love Angelica Huston's face. She's gorgeous and yes, very very regal. Great photos!

ilovemodels said...

the jewelry is so beautiful!

TonyGeo said...

interesting take...jack nicholson always had good taste eh?

lisa marie Schneider said...

An enigmatic energy on stills and even more interesting and captivating on film.BBBeautiful!! I know her nephew Jack Huston and it seems to run in the family.

Yaz said...

EPIC KNECKLACE snakey chic

tabirname said...

great idea for a blog, awesome photos

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