Monday, June 16, 2008

Off the Grid

Jeffrey S. Broadhurst's 140sf cabin in the hills of West Virginia sits alone on his family's 27 acre mountaintop property. Built by himself, his friends and his neighbors, the cabin-- slated for an autumn '08 Tommy Hill spread j/k j/k-- was made from strictly off-the-shelf materials and features oil lights, gravity-fed plumbing, a woodstove, and an outdoor shower... straight out the MacGyver playbook:

"A hand-powered bilge pump, designed for removing water from the bottom of a boat’s hull, draws water from below the platform to a smaller tank suspended from the ceiling, so it can fall into the shack’s descending plumbing. The pump can also be hooked up to a water-storage compartment on the woodstove, sending hot water to the faucet" (via Architectural Record)

More at Broadhurst Architects

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Homer119 said...

does he have a cable modem? or just dsl?

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