Friday, April 23, 2010

ultramafic @ heathers on saturday

Shake what u got w/ Z Studios (ultramafic et al): Saturday @ Heathers, 9PM-3AM

heathers bar
506 e 13th street
new york, ny


linda said...

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Booklover said...


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Robert said...

I am upset by this picture. Does anyone think, for one second, the owl posed freely? I see the restraints tacking her/him to the skate board and it's cheap and upsetting.

Robert Norwood

Robert said...

Virtual Lemmonade? Anyone who funds Linda's education is an idiot. Scams are a dime a dozen and this one takes the cake. I spit in your lemonade. Get off your bum you selfish middle class brat. There are kids who need this money, seriously poor kids. You $uck.

Zein said...

That's a beautiful owl. Pity it's chained down. I love the concept, everything is balanced in the photo, but an owl is a wild animal; they deserve to be free.

short anime said...

nice owl ... i like the pic .... and nice post

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