Thursday, April 22, 2010

powers of ten

one of my favorite of the Eames' work is this 1977 film titled "POWERS OF TEN". it starts out with an aerial view of a picnic in chicago and zooms-out to the outer limits of the universe before zooming-in to the microscopic world here on earth. the music is quite other worldly, too. it provides a wonderful new perspective of the seemingly quotidian incidents of our lives. the must is other worldy, too.

full screen that shit and enjoy:


Anonymous said...

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Brunch girls said...

Love this!
We are obsessed with your blog!!
Definitely will be following!!

Sarah said...

Awesome blog hun, you're a rock star! :o)

Debs said...


JIA said...

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darkslyde said...

thats a very interesting thing i have ever seen.


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