Friday, February 12, 2010


pull out jives and jamboree handouts...and just clap your haaaands.


Tom Dolan said...

Great tune from my most favoritest Scientologist.

His later videos got even more wildly visual, and one of the coolest examples of this is his video for "Girl" off "Guero." It's a toe-tapper of a single, but gains a kind of smirking Warren Zevon grimness when one listens to the lyrics, which range from incomprehensible (The liner notes read "My... Girl," leading people to speculate that he's either saying "sun-eyed" or "cyanide") to frankly horrifying ("And I know I'm gonna make her die / Nothing that I wouldn't try). The video has little of the lyrics' creepy ambiguity, but a whole lot of love for longtime MAD Magazine fold-out artist Al Jaffee, and the results, visually speaking, are pretty damn nifty. Also, there's a crazily clever "Where it's At" shout-out in there.

Oh, and the video for "Sexx Laws" is one of my all-time favorite bits of slapstick sexuality and absurdist (but never "random") visual wit. The first fifteen seconds still absolutely kill me every time I watch it, and it just gets funnier from there.

Sarah said...

I was listening to Beck when I started reading your blog today. You went even higher up on my cool scale when I saw this video posted.

Tyson K said...

Just passing through! Great song

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