Friday, February 12, 2010

the lightness of being an olympian

a selection of photographs taken from ryan mcginley's series for the 2010 winter olympics titled "the lightness of being an olympian". commissioned by the new york times, mcginley shot figure skater johnny weir, freestyle skier emily cook, freestyle skier hannah kearney, figure skater rachel flatt, ski jumper anders johnson, snowboarder kelly clark, snowboarder shaun white, snowboarder hannah teter, and freestyle skier jeret (speedy) peterson. see the series in it's entirety on ryan mcginley's website. unfortunately, bode miller was not included in the shoot, but this anders johnson is just as handsome.

these ethereal photographs will be in perfect juxtaposition with the very material images of these olympians we're about to observe from our television sets complete with timers, score cards, bright lights, sponsors, judging announcers, etc.....

let the games begin.


Karma Correction said...

That's why i'm so proud to be living this close to the Olympics. Sure, I wanted to glue a bunch of quartz crystals into inukshuks to make tons of $, but figured I can't even sell water to limp celery ;) so, now they just sit in an army on my desk.
Love. Peace. Energy.

mikkilee said...

Love the pics! Thank you for sharing.

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