Thursday, December 3, 2009

sellin records

factory records, home to bands like joy division/new order and the happy mondays, was one of the first independent labels to employ their own in-house creative team to manage the label's sound and image (notably graphic designer peter saville and producer martin hannett) . rooted in a sort of bauhaus industrial aesthetic, and supported by a fittingly "factory-like" cataloguing system (i.e. FAC 01, FAC 02, etc.), these images really distinguished the label as a class act in british music - while the strength of the factory roster certainly played the biggest role in the label's success (and running a night club didn't hurt either), the album art and promotional work here is just really cool looking and i'm sure influenced many a record store wanderer to shell out the money and buy an album.

check out the entire factory records discography at A Factory Discography.

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