Thursday, October 15, 2009

makin waves

in keeping with the french house theme of a couple posts ago, i figured i'd offer a handful of my favorite cuts off of waves I & II. in the off years between the releases of homework and discovery, each member of the daft punk duo took some time to pursue his own musical interests--thomas bangalter founded the record label Roulé and produced the records that i featured in the post from a couple days ago, while guy-manuel de homem-christo went out and founded Crydamoure. in addition to using the label to release his own material under the guise of 'le knight club,' homem-christo would produce and release material for other budding house artists. waves I and II constitute the label's two major releases, and, as compilations, feature the work of the collection of artists that homem-christo had taken under his wing. both albums were mixed to be played continuously, with the soothing sound of gently crashing waves serving to smooth some of the transitions.

"cherie d'amoure" is perhaps the most representative of le knight club's warm, filtered sound, and features a shimmering disco sample from the song "love at first sight" by frisky. the aptly named "palm beat" strikes a more tropical tone, and in characteristic french house fashion numbs you with a repetitive sample before dropping the hook..."holiday on ice," like the daft punk tune "around the world," makes use of a delay effect on a synth line that plays over a funked out bass groove. the first archigram tune is perhaps the pick of the bunch with a sweet bass line and fuzzed out surf guitar track...the second one should interest iggy pop/stooges fans with its sampling of the punk rock standard "i wanna be your dog".

le knight club- "cherie d'amoure"
le knight club- "palm beat"
le knight club- "holiday on ice"
archigram- "in flight (raw club mix)"
archigram- "doggystyle"

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