Thursday, October 15, 2009

a letter from mick jagger to andy warhol

the rolling stones' commisioned andy warhol to design their ninth album, sticky fingers, in 1971. a friend of mine from the university of massachussettes (whose name i've since forgotten) had an original sticky fingers vinyl which features an image of joe dallesandro's crotch with a workable zipper (it's very, very cool).

below you'll find the letter mick jagger wrote to andy warhol encouraging him to keep the sleeve design simple as to avoid any production/distribution difficulties. clearly, andy did not allow this to impede his creative vision. the complex record sleeve ended up leaving many "sticky fingers" records scratched. all in the name of visual art.


Anonymous said...

badass. too bad it scratched the records, that a bit unforgivable.

or maybe andy knew it was going to scratch them....

Anonymous said...

i asked mick about this half a dozen years ago. he said they loved every bit of it and never considered the production impact one bit- it was never mentioned again after this letter. and mick said that in this letter he meant to discourage too many foldouts

he also said that they liked the fact that it scratched the record- it got people to buy more

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