Thursday, October 15, 2009

delicious art objects

in lieu of my ever approaching twenty-third birthday, i've decided that i want to learn how to bake cakes. but not just any cakes. i want to bake delicious and beautiful cakes like the tri-layer birthday cake my friend valerie sculpted for her boyfriend, the cakes that pastry chef caitlin williams freeman serves at blue bottle restaurant at the sfmoma, or alexis hales 's cakes (ambitious, i know, but lambs love a good challenge).

a mondrian cake by caitlin williams freeman (my going to try to bake this and will post a recipe if i'm able to execute):


a thiebaud cake by caitlin williams freeman. not as creative as the mondrian, but who doesn't dream of eating a real-life thiebaud painting?

matisse "the snail" cake by alexis hales 


van gogh starry night cake via buzzfeed

Impressionist Cake

minneapolis's iconic oldenberg spoonbridge by wolfgang puck at 20:21 at the walker art center. have actually had the pleasure of tasting this and it was delish.

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madalyn said...

The Van Gogh cake is bitchin!!

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