Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dont call it a comeback

or actually you can. they were gone for a while. just sounded like a snappy title.

saw the phish sunday in fenway and last night at jones beach. i was pretty amazed and fully satiated from both shows. can't wait to go again in august. they came with the hits, and balanced the tight with the loose in a phenomenal way. maybe seemed slightly tense, but i think they were just focused on not blowing it, which i'd say they were most successful at, as evidenced by a flawless YEM on sunday and the wealth of intricate goodies last night (fully loaded mike's jam, harry hood, foam). there's no denying that they are more than a hippie jam band. they are a hyper-talented college band that made it and can fill the nation's largest venues by singing songs where the only lyrics might be "david bowie / ub40". that's kind of amazing. and they still put on incredibly enjoyable shows.

here are some vids shot by people that had much better seats than i:

stream last night's show here. who's gonna be at hartford/spac?

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