Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainbow Frogskins

Division Street just posted the latest color of the limited edition Frogskins.... and its rainbow. S'FRESH. They only made 20 pairs and they're being sold exclusively at Blends Los Angeles.

I already have a pair of matte rootbeer frames w/ fire iridium lenses, and Pan Tostado has the clear frames w/ violet iridium lenses (actually I think he smashed them with a golf cart, Pan-please explain in comments? and check out the gnarly reflections in that pic Ultramafic took of Pan Tostado this spring).

I want a second pair but I'm torn between the Trouble Andrew glow in the dark frames, the black frames, or the red, which means that I probably don't LOVE any of them and should wait for a color to be released that I must have.
I know you boys struggle with the whole sunglasses thing (always paranoid about looking gay ya ya). So if you're looking for a pair of effortlessly cool shades, I suggest a pair of black Frogskins (left) for three reasons:

  1. at around 100 bucks they're a total steal
  2. they're limited edition so only the kewl kids will have them (so ebay is your best bet)
  3. they're a great alternative to the Wayfarer, which I am getting more sick of each and every block I walk.

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