Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chivers vs Europe

Sebastien Tellier is in Belgrade this weekend to compete in the 54th annual Eurovision Song Contest, representing la France with 'Divine':

The selection caused a stir for being in English, and the issue was debated in French parliament; he has agreed to sing some lyrics in French. He gets a bye in the first round and goes right to the finals, to be held Saturday @ 8PM Belgrade standard, or 2PM here. will stream live, though there may be an entire continent tuning in at the same time. Hopefully youtube will have it soon enough.

Will Monsieur Tellier bring glory to his homeland? It's been over 30 years since France has brought home the gold, as this clip illustrates (complete with a pretty money montage of losing contestants). I say it would be a great statement on European culture if the judges recognized this song's brilliance with la medaille d'or. The cover-all shades have got to give him the edge in the style category.

If any French speakers want to tell me what's going on in this series of interviews with Sebastien I'd be super grateful.

Also another track off 'Sexuality' in case you dont have it: Kilometer

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