Wednesday, May 21, 2008

crip walk

the crip walk originated in Compton in the 1970's. the footwork heavy dance spells out gang related symbols/gestures. Crip members would use the crip walk to signal to each other during robberies, murders, to show respect for newly initiated crip members, etc.

the kid in this youvideo has got skillz. definitely the best crip walk i've ever seen. he puts anders "undie-pants" to shame.

last night buck dancer and i watched this youtube video on his new apple TV and feasted on magnolia cupcakes. it was divine. i had watched the video earlier and was certain it was real, but once we pulled it up on Buck Dancer's TV we noticed the video was pixel-heavy around the guy's chest. regardless of whether or not its real, its unbe.

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A.E. Baxter said...

There's also crip walk tutorials over at Expert Village.

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