Friday, March 21, 2008

mk&a's march hip picks

mk and a finally posted their march hip picks. the anticipation nearly killed me these past twenty-one days

Starbucks Drink
mary-kate: iced vanilla soy latte ashley: soy latte with ane xtra shot

Spring Fashion Must Have
mary-kate: gladiator sandals
ashley: bright neon and day-glo colors are a popular trend this spring

Bag of the Moment:
mary-kate: Soft Dior Babe
ashley: Chloe's Saskia handbag

mary-kate: I shop at Lily et Cie in LA for unique vintage purses
ashley: Scarlett in Paris

Show at Paris Fashion Week
mary-kate: Giambattista Valli-he's genius
ashley: The Chanel Show was inspiring.

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