Sunday, February 17, 2008

DNA art

DNA11 has made it easy for you to show your heritage; now you can hang a magnificent image of your DNA on the walls of your trendy abode. all you have to do is send them a saliva sample and they'll extract your DNA from the sample, place it on a gel, dye it, and print out the unique and pristine image.

basically they run your DNA through a mechanism that locates the genomes sequences that are unique to your DNA. they replicate the unique sequences through the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) so that they have enough sequences to work with. they then sort the pieces of DNA by placing them in a gel and running a current through the gel (electrophoresis). this basically separates them by size. they dye it, and photograph it, and then print it on a high quality canvas. so you end up with a photograph of various chains of unique sequences. and don't worry, they assure 100% confidentiality and immediately destroy your DNA in their "FDA certified multi-million dollar lab." i researched online to make sure it was legit...and it passed my eight minute google test of approval.

you select you color scheme. a tad narcissistic but eye catching nonetheless. DNA11 also makes fingerprint prints and kiss prints. the kiss ones are over the top and corny.

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