Sunday, February 17, 2008

concert for peace

Lou Reed, David Byrne, Antony, Laurie Anderson, Blonde Redhead, Scissor Sisters, Damien Rice, Moby, Bill T. Jones, and Norah Jones, and more (though i can't find out who exactly "more" is referring to) will play the SPEAK UP! concert for Peace in Iraq on March 18th at St. Ann's Warehouse in BK. it takes place on the 5th anniversary of the of the war in Iraq.

whatever the cause, i'm all for seeing lou reed and david byrne. too bad i'll be on spring break. who the fuck is this "antony" character...anyone know??? i researched this "antony" and found this along with this message on his/her(?) myspace "We are in the studio working on a new reckie. may angels balance on the beams of your eyelashes." appears to be a circus freak who belongs in a cage.

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John the Great Lambaster said...

antony is my favorite you colossal bitch.

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