Saturday, February 16, 2008

cell phone jammers

you can now purchase a device known as a cell phone jammer. the cell phone jammer is a small device that, when deployed, transmits a signal causing every cell phone within a given radius to lose its signal. when the cell phone jammer is turned off, all cell phones will regain service and full functionality. the radii of these cell phone jammers varies with some as small as twenty feet, and other larger scaled ones. while the sale, marketing, and use of these devices is illegal in the united states, you can purchase them pretty easily from overseas websites like, or ebay. proponents of the cell phone jammer say they use them in a variety of situations: when the person in the car ahead of them is driving erratically while talking on their cell phone, when a client of their restaurant is using their cell phone, to prevent cell phones from ringing during movies/theater productions, etc.

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Anonymous said...

almost seven years after the first report about cell phone jammer,now cell phone jammer become commen in lots of countries and it is known by more and more can find this kind of item by googl just type cell phone jammer,you will find the manufacture just like ,the price become lower and lower.
Though in some countries,the product is illegal,its existance prove it is needed by some persons

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