Thursday, November 4, 2010

anagram your name

my friend "inner lamb cheer" sent me this website that generates a list of anagrams based off your name. here are highlights of my anagram aliases: 

cymbal snare
cyan marbles
carney lambs
lamb ear sync
camels ran by
lamb narc yes
able arm sync
ban calms rye
rascal by men
alarm be sync

...i think i'll go with cymbal snare. what's yours?


SJS said...

Shit sin mom

Dorn said...

Using first middle last, this site came up with tons. For some reason it doesn't pull "Dr." into the mix. I guess since there isn't a period in my name it skips it. So I made my own.

Dream Now Dr. Pretender

Heaven said...

Herbal Revenue
Venerable Re Uh
Hare Blue Never

This is fun :)

Rhetoric Camel said...

I came across that web site a few years back. It's actually how I came up with my screen name.

Sweaterman said...

"Emcee Cry Go" was the highlight and my name whenever I hold a microphone from this moment on.

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