Wednesday, October 20, 2010

actually it's pronounced milly-walk-kay

halloween style inspiration: alice cooper circa wayne's world (1992). pretty scary. on a related note, i'd like to start a list of the best and worst stage costumes of all time...please contribute in the comments sexsion.

ff to 2:57 for peak at what goes on backstage at an alice cooper concert.


wwinter said...

Buckethead, one-time member of Guns n Roses, deserves mention on any list of the worst stage costumes:

The Big Suit that Byrne broke out in Stop Making Sense should also be up for consideration on the best list:

Madame Lamb said...

best: jimi hendrix, zz top (even tho i'm not a huge fan of their musak..., prince, jon fishman, david byrne's inflatable stop making heads suit,
worst: kiss, bono's red shades

Madame Lamb said...

buckethead=yikes! too afraid to hear the music coming from his androgenous buckethead.

i also loved lightning bolt's merry prankster getup at pitchfork this year:

Madame Lamb said...

Stop making sense, not stop making heads...scuse typo

frankosaurus rex said...

Although arguably not just a stage costume The Wild Magnolias for the best, or Ziggy Stardust.

for the worst Insane Clown Posse.

RossMG said...

With all due respect to the Beatles, I've never quite been a fan of the Sgt. Pepper's getup, and I must say that while The Band looked studly as hell at The Last Waltz, the opposite can be said for Bob Dylan, Dr. John, and Neil Diamond (though the latter should never have been there in the first place... When Robbie Robertson tried to cut Muddy Waters from the lineup to make room for Diamond, Levon Helm told the studio manager to tell Neil Diamond that "We don't even know who the fuck he is!" But I digress).

Anonymous said...

Rock and Roll!

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