Friday, April 30, 2010


 we must'n be late.


Californian said...


kk said...

how do you make youre blog design? its stunning.

Jackie said...

Madame lamb I love you

Please give me advice on mine... I could really use the tips!

BrittneyNicole said...

don't know how else to "follow" this blog, but if i did, i would. keep rockin it. rockin it.

Andrew Cox said...

Stumbled upon your blog through blogger's "blogs of note." Quite nice.

aamedya said...

Simple yet effective. Nice!!!

Brian Bedell said...

Hey there,

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imagineer said...

this guy would get depressed that the sounds he heard in his mind he could never re-create w/ his guitar - so he would just sit around all day listening to them in his head. Hendrix...your boy was deep.

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