Monday, April 26, 2010


instead of telling everyone that you are having a case of the mondays, maybe you should just wear a color that alludes to your current state of mind. today, i am wearing red, blue and purple.

: excitement, strength, passion, speed, violence, and love
YELLOW: hope, happiness, dishonesty, illness, idealism, and imagination
BLUE: peace, cold, stability, depression or sadness, order, trust, and confidence
ORANGE: energy, flamboyant, expansive, and balance
GREEN: luck, renewal, envy, fertility (brides in the medieval ages wore green to their weddings), generosity and inexperience
PURPLE: mourning, royalty, wisdom and transformation
BROWN: stability, endurance, simplicity and comfort
WHITE: purity, reverence, birth, innocence and humility
BLACK: sexuality, remorse, sophistication, death and power


Just a Generous Thief said...

Do you think we subconsciously tend to wear a certain colour during certain things we're going through?? interesting...

Lizzard said...

definitely. do you think we tend to wear colors that reflect the current forecast? do you wear gray on overcast days? yellow on sunny days?

Eternal Hope said...

Never really thought much about choosing colours on any given day to reflect my mood but love the idea of it and will be from hereon out

Californian said...

Thanks. I liked the post.

Stay healthy said...

Nice post.

Mrom07 said...

What an interesting post.. I am wearing Black and blue which might be due to remorse over a sexual encounter haha and blue for my mind being at peace due to my new music

jack bespoke said...

hmm would be nice, but then i would never get to wear black, and thats my favorite color!

awesome blog by the way


Music in Media said...

really great blog well done :)

please take a look at my music blogs

Rory x

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