Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the artist is present

the marina abromović retrospective at MoMA will draw to a close in just over a month. in the featured piece by the renowned performance artist, the artist is present, abromović is seated in MoMA's marron atrium each day from shortly before the museum opens until just after closing, everyday, from march 14th - may 31st. viewers are allowed to participate by sitting across from abromović for a duration of their choosing. the viewer participation aspect is further enhanced through a live video feed on the exhibition website, available during museum hours. additionally, a book of portraits taken during the performance is slated to be released in the near future.

several artists have co-opted abromović's work into their own, challenging notions of artistic authorship; this in turn is inherent to the concept of the abromović piece from it's inception. my dear friend and new-york based visual and performance artist leah meltzer is included in this group. meltzer waits in line for up to five hours and tends to perform with abromović for around forty-five minutes.

some screen captures of meltzer from the live feed, as well as from the portrait collection:

marina abromović retrospective here
leah meltzer here


Californian said...

Art has such a creativity to change, to surprise, to beautify.
Take care

Madame Lamb said...

i love leah meltzer

stolibolly said...

i love leah meltzer too.

leuh said...

well golly gee you two sure know how to make a girl feel special

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