Tuesday, February 2, 2010

vanilla tapes

as a long time clash fan, i was pumped when i recently came across the bonus disc on 2004's 25th anniversary reissue of london calling. known as the vanilla tapes, the disc is an early/demo version of the album that existed only as a bootleg before it received the digital treatment. while most of the songs are something that perhaps only a clash nut will appreciate, after digging through all of the demo's and early sketches of the album's classic tunes (a version of paul simonon's "guns of brixton" known only at the point of the vanilla tapes' recording as "paul's tune" stuck out for me) i've managed to cull a few that may interest other people. check em out.

here's a cover of dylan's "the man in me" (original below) with some tasty reggae flavor:
the clash - "the man in me"
bob dylan - "the man in me"

and an original that for whatever reason never made the cut...another reggae number:
the clash - "where you gonna go (soweto)"

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