Monday, February 1, 2010

Picasso's Third Dimension

here's a beautiful portrait that Gjon Mili took of Picasso drawing his signature Bull in 1949. the photograph is titled "Picasso's Third Dimension" and was part of a series of photographs Gjon Mili created using flashlights. he called them "space drawings". Mili achieved this effect by opening the shutter in total darkness to capture only the light emitting from Picasso's flashlight, and then using a quick flash to capture Picasso and the background.

Read more about the photograph at VP Gallery.


CFH said...

Very cool ML. Check out the film, "Mystery of Picasso" and see his creations come to life in real time.

Here is the trailer:

"Drink to me"
(Picasso's last words)

Anonymous said...

Three Musicians is why I goto the MoMa.

holly . said...

hey, I just followed ya. would be cool if you'd do it as well ;D

Slamdunk said...

Interesting post and thanks for the link.

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Kwena Mabjana said...

That's very good stuff, keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Picasso - i love his paintings so much.

Anonymous said...

Up (pixar) got the nod for best picture nomination? is that a f'ing joke?

KFM Gallery said...

great pic! I've never seen that one.. (oh and great blog! I'm gonna have to start following!)

Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant!

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