Tuesday, February 9, 2010

underwater peoples

i'm really into the music that label underwater peoples is putting out. based in washington, dc, the label manages a small roster of artists and cultivates a pretty distinct hazy, lo-fi sound - lots of phased-out rhythm tracks and jangly leads. believe it or not, a lot of the tunes sound like they could've been recorded "underwater"...hence the name? perhaps so.

underwater peoples recently released their "winter review" compilation, which offers a nice cross-section of the label's offerings...if you like the tunes below you can download it for free (and legally) here, so hop on it.

fluffy lumbers- "adoration"
alex bleeker - "these days"

as a related side, real estate is one of the bigger acts associated with the label and is definitely worth checking out - they released a well reviewed full-length late last year. more than any other of the acts on the label, real estate invokes a serious beach-vibe...not really "surf" music, but laid-back, very melodic, and drowned in reverb. they sing about the jersey shore too, which is sweet. i leave you with the album art and a few of my favorites off of that album ("atlantic city" is pure euphoria...so is the outro on "beach comber").

real estate - "beach comber"
real estate - "atlantic city"
real estate- "suburban beverage"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the downloads, some really good songs there. Have downloaded them all and shall be syncing them to my iPod soon! Thanks again, and I always love your blog <3

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Emma is hot, Merkin......

juampilisi said...

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Shaggy said...

This is tragic. Rest in peace old friend.

Anonymous said...

you should listen to glasgow based sad city ten www.myspace.com/sadcity he is friends with all of these boys and is releasing a split with julian lynch soon. x

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