Thursday, January 21, 2010

surfer blood

been putting off a blurb on these guys for a while, and now that their debut ablum's been released, and pitchfork has christened it with the coveted title of 'best new music,' i figure there's no better time...

these guys fell prey to the modern-day hype-monster after a flurry of performances at CMJ in new york last fall. it's always a huge turn off for me (and i imagine a lot of other people as well) when a band is waaay too hyped, especially when it's on the strength of only a handful of songs. that said, i caught them perform on new years and they do play some great songs - nothing earth shattering, but definitely a lot of fun and really melodic. album cover and some tunes below:

surfer blood - "anchorage"
surfer blood - "twin peaks"

and the single:
surfer blood - "swim"

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