Thursday, January 7, 2010

spinning now: filligar

For all you psychedelic rock fans of MGMT and Vampire Weekend, good news: there is more sweet electric kool-aid for your ears! Midwest indie band, Filligar, is comprised of four white dudes from Chicago who have been rocking the suburbs (and college campuses alike) for a while. Three of the four members are brothers who attend Dartmouth have been writing, recording and producing their music for over eight years and have honed in on a particular style; one that Margot Tenenbaum would probably dig. Their music video for 'The Observatory' features groovy green screen effects, Lolita shades, and feels like it might be all just be a dream.

Check out "The Observatory"


Anonymous said...

not cool

Anonymous said...

for a band that doesn't have some label producing their videos, i think they've done well to be unique. i think it's cool.

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