Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RIP Kenneth Noland Noland, one of the great washington color school painters, died yesterday of cancer at the age of 85. art critic Karen Wilkin put it best:

“He was one of the great colorists of the 20th century...along with Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler,  he invented a new kind of American abstraction based on the primacy of color. It had some of the philosophic underpinnings of Abstract Expressionism, but without the Sturm and Drang. He picked up where Matisse left off and moved painting into a new visual language.”
a student of Josef Albers and Ilya Bolotowsky, and a favorite of art critic Clement Greenberg (whose writing has really helped me contextualize 20th century artistic movements), Noland's contributions will be missed by many. below, some of my favorite Noland works.

read his nytimes obit here Kenneth Noland, Abstract Painter of Brilliantly Colored Shapes, Dies at 85

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