Wednesday, December 2, 2009

you've really got me

julien temple, director of the classic rock film the sex pistols' great rock 'n' roll swindle and the more recent (and excellent) joe strummer doc, joe strummer: the future is unwritten, has set his sights on the kinks...yes, the kinks, rock music's most shamefully overlooked band. i've considered before how the kinks' music would fare on a soundtrack - their songs are always really illustrative and i wasn't quite sure whether setting them to actual images would ruin them...that said, wes anderson is quite the kinks fan and he uses them to nice effect, and apparently temple is working closely with ray davies on this one, so i'm on board.

temple on the film:

“At the heart of it is the extraordinary love-hate relationship between these two brothers: love/hate, sibling rivalry is at the core. I think it’s a very rich social, cultural nexus around The Kinks. Their story is the untold story of all those big bands of the 1960s.”

if one thing's for sure there better be one hell of a "waterloo sunset" montage.

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