Thursday, December 10, 2009

some choice wares

in the most recent issue of wsj magazine, "the artisan issue," the editors direct your attention to a $25,000 record player and an $80,000 motorcycle. ridiculous price tags aside, everything featured in the magazine is pretty unbelievable.

the issue, in addition to serving as a gift guide of sorts, highlights a resurgence of the artisan. from the introduction:

"A handcrafted good is also an antidote to the formulaic. Decisions must be made on the spot. Judgment is required. When a pressman is preparing a book page to be printed by letterpress, for instance, it’s his intuition that tells him that the page number might require a little less pressure than the body of the text. 'That’s not something you can tell someone,' explains Luke Pontifell, the owner of Thornwillow Press, which handmakes leather-bound limited-edition books in Newburgh, N.Y. 'That is something an artisan has a feel for.'"

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start saving up:

a Wegener surfboard hewn from the australian hardwood, paulownia - the surfboard that God himself shreds with. handmade of course.

this is the record player mentioned above. vintage-inspired and hand assembled, it only plays first edition pressings of rare records. joking aside, this is one stunning piece of machinery. check out shindo labs for some pretty sweet looking tube amplifiers.

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Anonymous said...

that board is phat as hell

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