Thursday, December 10, 2009

so i think this is the best costume for today

in 1975, the maysles brothers ("gimme shelter") traveled to an actively crumbling east hampton mansion known as grey gardens to document the peculiar habits of it's dwellers, jackie onassis's estranged cousin and aunt  both named edith beale. the documentary, called "grey gardens", captures the idiosyncrasies of the reclusive beales who interacted with hardly anyone on a regular basis save for the racoons that had taken to their home, and a boy named jerry whom they employed as a handyman. neighbors did everything in their power to kick the beale's out of the prominent georgica pond neighborhood, and finally succeeded in 1979. here's a clip of one of little edie's sagacious monologues where she discusses her costume choice for daily life at grey gardens. everyone could use a little edie in their life.

"...mother wanted me to come out in a kimono so we had quite a fight.."

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