Saturday, December 26, 2009

new year new lamb

it's time to start thinking positive for 2010. 2009 marked the year of me quitting smoking so, after four years, that can retire from new years resolutions. here are my resolutions for the new decade:
  1. hop back on the yoga train (i've fallen off since october).
  2. reduce blackberry use (and other radioactive habits).
  3. omit cusswords from my vocabulary. replace phrases like "fucking kick ass" with words like "swell".
  4. read the new yorker in it's entirety each week.
  5. learn how to knit.
  6. learn to cook from julia child.
  7. memorize flora varieties.
  8. paint more.
  9. read more biographies.
  10. print more photos.
what are your new year's resolutions? please post them in the comments section.


Lizzard said...

1. think positively about life after college
2. go to more live concerts
3. get my ray-bans fixed (seriously. i've been putting this off for TOO long)
4. study more in my free time
5. floss everyday
6. finish my grad school applications

Paddy O'Dour said...

1. send physical birthday cards (BEFORE friend's birthdays)
2. read the paper 3 out of 4 mornings per week
3. quit smoking (started christmas eve!)
4. run 3 mornings per week (gives me one morning to do nothing!)
5. be more interested

sarah d said...

1. to live more freely

michael d said...

1. practice blues guitar
2. read more classic literature
3. ride motorcycles
4. learn to speak spanish from ML
5. start walking to work
6. eat local

fred s said...

1. hike table mountain once per week
2. know cape town
3. surf
4. never come back

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