Sunday, December 27, 2009

art adds to the city

show media is improving the aesthetics of your daily bustle. the vegas based company that owns half the ad spaces atop new york taxis commissioned shirin neshat, alex katz, and yoko ono to create art pieces that will be displayed on 500 taxis through january. yoko ono's piece incorporates the phrase she and lennon coined during their anti-war movement, "the war is over". “It’s almost like a dance,” Yoko says, “the way the message is always in motion.” of the $100,000 gift, show media owner john amato says, “I thought it was time to take a step back. January’s a slow month. I could have cut my rates but instead I decided to hit the mute button and give something back to the city.”

read more at the new york times. thanks for the tip, pj. 

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