Tuesday, December 1, 2009

if you happen to be in toronto...

ellsworth kelly and richard serra: obvi. but artists jeremy jansen and niall mcclelland are creating some beautiful work, and mcclelland's specifically is extraordinarily poetic and evocative in myriad ways. an excerpt from a review of the show in the toronto star:

The show is called "Back to Black and Light," and their work here is more than just promising; at times, it's commandingly good. I'm thinking in particular of a series of pieces by McClelland called "Tapestries," in which he has taken large-scale sheaves of paper photocopied flat-black, and folded and unfolded them in systemic patterns.

The fold lines crack the ink from the page, leaving pale traces of McClelland's literal handiwork; the resultant piece is fantastically engaging and very Modern indeed: simple, handmade and pure, engaged only in its own materiality and the ordering of space.

Add in the Minimalist overtones of the throwaway – copy paper and ink, tonnes of which hit our recycle bins daily – and you've got a tight little package that nods to recent art history with such natural grace that you might think it was unintentional.

some of mcclelland's work:

gorgeous, no?

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