Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gaga for pomo

in a blog post about art inspired pop culture imagery, paddy johnson calls out lady gaga for not crediting the artists that influence her. gaga's bad romance performance on gossip girl straight up steals dana and karla karwas's Party Dress piece recently displayed at the DUMBO art under the bridge festival. then there's the whole matthew barney look gaga rocks in her bad romance video, and the thriller dance moves. not to mention eve sussman's rape of the sabine woman video choreography in gaga's poker face video, and the klaus nomi look she was seen rocking at some best by event. so pomo, that gaga, kicking the master narrative right out the front door in alexender mcqueen booties.

LEFT: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance in Gossip Girl, 2009 RIGHT: dana and karla karwas, Party Dress, January 30, 2008'

LEFT: lady gaga's Poker Face, 2009, RIGHT: Eve Sussman/The Rufus Corporation, Rape of the Sabine Woman, 2007, video

LEFT: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance, 2009   RIGHT: Mathew Barney as the Entered Apprentice in his work CREMASTER 3

LEFT:  Lady Gaga November 2009 RIGHT: Klaus Nomi on his self-titled album cover, 1981

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