Thursday, October 22, 2009

where the wild things are

i saw "where the wild things" last sunday and, while i enjoyed the film's cinematography, costumes, and set, i found the script to be confusing at times (perhaps how it feels like to be nine?). undoubtedly, the film is a mood piece. there were definitely some good dave eggers jokes in there, don't get me wrong, and the karen o and the kids score was pretty rad (see prizes below), but the film's strength lies in spike jonze's camera work. that said, here are some behind-the-scenes photographs of the film's 2006 set in australia taken from interview magazine.

spike jonze (second from right) on the set




jonze with actor max records

 max records




and to all of you wearing your ironic WTWTA garb, remember saki knafo's nytimes piece, "They’ll also be making a special effort to reach what one executive described to me as “hip, tastemaker” kids: Ugg will be selling a special “Where the Wild Things Are” kids’ boot, and Urban Outfitters has a collection of “Where the Wild Things Are” T-shirts and shadow puppets." merkin muffley reminds me:

merkin keeps it real.  

here are two for you by karon o and the kids, (many thanks, andrew).

karen o and the kids - heads up
karen o and the kids - capsize


Anonymous said...

easy does it merkin, lets see what numbers it puts up this weekend. i have a feeling they're going to be weak sauce.

Anonymous said...

looks like they reported 14mill, down 56% from last weekend

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