Thursday, October 22, 2009

marc jacobs shoes

If Mattel chose to create a "Rebel" Barbie doll, they should look to to Marc Jacobs' Fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection for inspiration on Rebel Barbie's outfits. They should especially take a hint from Marc Jacobs shoe designs (fall '09) for Barbie's high-heels.

The Marc Jacobs' over-the-thigh high-heeled boots are wild, with their psychedelic hot pink and green floral arabesque design and completely sassy with studded wedged heels. The straight lines of the platform and heel balance perfectly with the organic pattern of the floral design. They are couture for your feet and your legs.

His platforms would also suite the color scheme of the fancy footwear of our make-believe Rebel Barbie; the shoes are made in all colors from black matte to shimmering gold and shiny hot pink. Their outlines are bold and have a focus on the ankle, primarily the ankle strap. The shoes each have a different ankle strap from diamond buttons, sliver buckles, plunging cuts down the foot, and dainty bow ties.

Marc Jacobs' shoes are rebels with a cause!

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shi zhan said...

レイバン モデルは全部でいくらありますか?全コンプとは無理だが、レイバン wayfarerだけでも揃いたい。それもやっぱり無理か?ならレイバン RB2140でもいっぱい欲しい!世界一サングラスの人になろう!

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