Monday, May 18, 2009

times square to be a pedestrian mall

as a friend so eloquently put it: walking through times square is like surfing the world wide web without ad-blocking software. but it looks like the midtown cluster-fuck may be turning a new leaf. on sunday, bloomberg and the department of transportation will kick off a program called "Green Light for Midtown" that seeks to relieve the traffic problems in midtown manhattan. this means that automobiles will be banned from Broadway between 47th st and 42nd st (times square), and 35th st to 33rd st (herald square) transforming the areas into pedestrian malls. the program is also expected to increase bus speeds for 70,000 daily riders, increase green-light time by 66%, and reduce the traffic on 6th and 7th avenues. that after photo (below) reveals what bloomberg hopes the new times square will look like (pretty unbelievable):



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