Monday, March 30, 2009

ultramafic's recent travels

Ultramafic spent the month of February in Ethiopia traveling and doing some filming for an independent documentary project on deforestation. on the way over, he got to spend one in Dubai. Here are some of his photographs (with his own commentary). you can check out all of his photos on his Picasa page.
Dubai Int'l - what I imagine the airport in heaven to look like.
Kidus Istifanos (St. Stephen's Church), Addis Ababa
not the best capture of a high-five but a solid effort
Tis Abay (translates to Smoking Nile), or Blue Nile Falls.
Best meal of the trip. These fine gentlemen procured a sheep and had it slaughtered and made to order in three different delicious ways. At Asay and his brother Gaynch's house in Gondar.
Serious height differential. Our scout, Mulu, was small, but his AK-47 was large.
endangered walia ibex. There are an estimated 400 of these guys left. We saw about 20. So, we saw maybe 5% of the world's walias in one afternoon? Not too shabby.
last known instance of Mulu smiling on our trip. our insane language barrier resulted in severe confusion and extra hiking that he was none too thrilled about, even though we were the ones carrying 50-lb backpacks, as opposed to a gun and a blanket.
flash protection.
Bete Giyorgis, definitely gets my vote for best of the bunch
lotta goats like to cool out in the shade underneath cars. not a great idea. just ask our driver alex, who partially ran one over.
the dream coming to life... David had been searching for a water park throughout Ethiopia, and finally got his wish granted at our friend Hussein's uncle's stately abode.
post-swim malawis (bomb crepe-like dish). get in that, huss!
If Chris Herzog were a store in Addis Ababa
worst. stove. ever. took about 3 hrs to cook dinner.
Harar, beautiful old walled city in eastern Ethiopia.
I have my arms around Meron (my Amharic teacher) and her husband Asay, they were amazingly hospitable to me (and Matty) our whole time in Ethiopia. Had lunch with some of their friends (the guy in black is an established musician, saw him rip a mean double-bass with an ethio-jazz revival group).

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