Friday, March 6, 2009


have a terrific weekend, whereve it might take you. i leave you with the wise words of Speed Levitch, the most famous double-decker-tour-bus-guide in all of the land, taken the Bennett Miller's (Capote) 1998 documentary "The Cruise":

fast forward to :36sec if you are impatient.
"The anti-cruise is an attempt to imprison us. At every level of living it exists. Younger cruisers have asked me, "Why?" "Why is the anti-cruise so avaricious and constant in its attempt to stop the cruise? And I have no answer. There is no answer. I mean, it's gravitational, it's a relationship that's made up of reciprocals and pulling gravities. It simply exists. Where there is cruise there is an escort of anti-cruise. But even in a bastion of anti-cruise fodder... there is cruise. Somewhere in there is a sparkle of cruising energy. Deeply sublimated, within the bellowing belly of the beast."
Enjoy the cruise.


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