Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ron hays and the tron aesthetic

in 1981, Earth Wind and Fire commissioned artist Ron Hays to create a music video for their pop track "Let's Groove". Hays, a pioneer in the field of multimedia arts, was best known for creating the tron aesthetic that renders deep synth sound bytes while also sampling music, computerized film, slides, and video disks. he was also in charge of the light show for star wars on broadway (ie, pretty good at what he did). see 1:49 for some dancing-turtles-go-to-outer-space dance moves:


while "let's groove" best typifies the original tron aesthetic, look where Disney took the style in 1982 for their sci-fi film "Tron". Tron follows computer genius Kevin Flynn on his adventures through the electronic arena as he is trapped inside a computer: "Where love and escape do not compute". see tribute below:

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