Thursday, March 19, 2009

new pete doherty

i've been listening to Pete Doherty's debut solo album "Grace/Wastelands" all morning. kudos to Pete for finally getting his act together enough to put out an album that he is proud of (he's said before that he hasn't felt like any of his previous work is demonstrative of his musical prowess). the album was produced by Stephen Street (producer of The Smiths, The Cranberries, and Blur) and features his Babyshambels bandmates Mik Whitnall, Adam Ficek and Drew McConnell as well as Graham Coxon (of Blur) ' and Dot Allison (whose vocals appears on many Death in Vegas tracks). the album is delightfully simple and beautiful. some of my favorites include:

"Arcady"(zShare): a bluesy acoustic song
"Last of the English Roses"(zShare): has a guns of brixton vibe
"Sweet By and By"(zShare): a playful song reminiscent of the kinks
"Sheepskin Tearaway": featuring Dot Allison

get the album on zShare, or listen to it on MySpace.

and here is an equally bizarre and endearing home video of miss kate moss singing a duet called "KP Nuts" with then-beau, pete doherty:

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