Friday, March 27, 2009

Heathers Dance Party

Hi Team -

After a long hiatus, Ultramafic has simmered back up from the core. Come shake it with me, Pan Tostado, and Erotto, as we dominate the decks at Heathers this Saturday. 13th just east of Ave A, 9pm till wheneva!

I'll be starting the night with the likes of Alemeyu Eshete, Samuel Belay, Walias Band and other golden greats of Ethio-jazz. Also in the near future keep eyes and ears open for pics and vids from my 5 week jaunt in the motherland.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, get dem handfuls.

barney said...

Q: what did mick jagger say to the scottish sheep farmer?
A: Hey, McCloud! Get off my ewe!

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