Thursday, February 12, 2009

Van Morrison "Astral Weeks"

in early March, Van Morrison will perform his epic 1968 concept album, Astral Weeks, in it's entirety at the newly restored Beacon Theatre.

Astral Weeks might be my favorite album of all time: i first heard the album when i was sixteen. i took it from dad without asking because all my other CDs were scratched and it ended up living in my stereo for the next three (critical) years of my life. the soundtrack to my life would not be complete without it.

Astral Weeks's ability to evoke images/emotions has often resulted in it being compared to impressionism in painting. Scott Thomas explains "the listener is left with impressions instead of images, intimations in place of explanations, mystery instead of clarity." not sure that i completely agree with the last part; i think the album leaves you with a sort of clarity that can only be achieved after deep introspection and cosmological epiphanies. Van put it best when he said: "Astral Weeks is one of those songs where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I don't think I can elaborate on it any more than that."

to those of you who have not experienced the ethereal poetry and sound of Astral Weeks: i envy you. you're in for a transcendental treat.

download "Astral Weeks", track 1 of the album: here
Tickets for his upcoming show: Van Morrison March 3-4 @ the Beacon

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Also, I suggest listening to this interview in which Van is uncharacteristically open.

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