Thursday, February 12, 2009

the beacon is back.

on friday, the Beacon Theatre will reopen with a Paul Simon concert after seven months and $16million dollars worth of restorations. the theatre opened in 1929 and was designed by chicago architect Walter W. Ahlschlager for vaudeville and motion pictures. i haven't been to the Beacon since the summer of 2007 when i saw the string cheese incident play for two nights during their last tour, but can imagine how breathtaking the Greek/Rococo decor must look. upcoming concerts there include BB King&Buddy Guy, Van Morrison's live performance of the entire "Astral Weeks" album, and the Allman Brothers band.

See the complete schedule here: a The Beacon Theatre Concert Calendar.
NYTimes slideshow of the renovated theatre: The Beacon is Back - Slideshow.
NYTimes article on the renovations: The Beacon is Back

the renovations revealed that the brass fixture supporting the massive chandelier in the front lobby (below) was not really a brass fixture at all, but rather a six-inch coffee tin spray painted gold. the $16 million dollar renovations did include cover the replacement of the brass fixture:

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I have entered other dimensions at the place.

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