Monday, January 26, 2009

you are home

the tiny dancer scene in cameron crowe's "almost famous" is one of the great rock and roll moments in film. it captures that feeling you get when you leave a party in the morning so well. the empty faces and the farm scenery flashing through the windows of the bus, then comes elton john's climactic build up on the piano, and then rock and roll comes and saves us all! this scene may have made me experience nostalgia for the first time when i saw it 9 years ago...still gets me everytime.

the fact that "almost famous" is semi-autobiographical is icing on the cake. Cameron Crowe based the film on his experiences as a 16-year-old rock journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine. a great deal of the content in "Almost Famous" was drawn directly from Crowe's three weeks on the road with Led Zeppelin (the feuding bandmates in the film are based on Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, for example). can read Crowe's Led Zeppelin article that was originally published in the March 1975 issue of Rolling Stone here: Cameron Crowe Led Zeppelin '75

here's an excerpt taken from the end of Crowe's Rolling Stone article:

CROWE: What did you think about President Ford's children naming Led Zeppelin as their favorite group on national television?

PLANT: I think it's really a mean deal that we haven't been invited around there for tea. Perhaps Jerry thought we'd wreck the joint. Now if we'd had a publicist three tours back, he might be on the road with us now. I was pleased to hear that they like our music around the White House. It's good to know they've got taste.

CROWE: Final comments?

PAGE: Just say that I'm still searching for an angel with a broken wing. It's not very easy to find them these days. Especially when you're staying at the Plaza Hotel.

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great, love it. rocking movie

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