Wednesday, January 14, 2009

butch was playing his brand new bass

there's this wonderful coffee shop around the corner from the place i'm subletting in DC called "tryst coffee house. i've been going there to alone pretty much every weeknight to work on my editorial piece and have a glass of cab. last night, Butch Warren was there jamming on his brand new $7000 bass. at the set break, i got up to use the to get a better look at Butch. he's tall, probably about 6'7", and was wearing a big black stetson hat. he mumbled something as he walked passed me, but i couldn't make out what because i was distracted by his maw of a mouth. he has no more than two visible teeth and they stick up like Hippopotomus's. he sat down at the table next to mine, so i said hello. he was friendly but at the same time pissed off because he had ordered a "drank" and wanted to know where it was. after the pianist clarified to Butch that I didn't in fact work there, he said "oooooooooooh" and smiled. we chatted briefly before i asked him to sign my moleskin. "ahhhhh," he said. "ma-mah handwritins reeeeeal baaad." but he signed it anyway, spelling it out just in case we forget who he is or that he ever actually existed: Butch Warren (bass)


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