Wednesday, November 5, 2008

david lynch's web series
David Lynch just signed a deal with media company On Networks to produce a web series. it is said that the series will be base itself on Lynch's most recent book "Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity, which is the closest thing to an autobiography he has ever written. Lynch is a long time advocate of transcendental meditation encouraging young people to employ it to cope with the stresses of growing up. the book is losely based on his experiences with transcendental meditation but in a pensive rather than preach-y way.

....and below you'll find david lynch's creepy 1968 award winning short "The Alphabet" inspired by a nightmare his then wife, Peggy, had about their niece. Peggy dreamt that her niece was reciting the alphabet in her sleep and when she woke up she could not stop bouncing around the room or repeating the alphabet. to recreate his Peggy's dream Lynch painted her face white and their bedroom black, filming her in various positions throughout the room. Lynch then mixed sounds of the wind, sirens, and his crying baby daughter to create the soundtrack at a lab called Calvin de Frenes. this is where Lynch first met Herb Cardwell who would later shoot part of Eraserhead.

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